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Classical music in Catalonia
Barcelona | Girona | Lleida | Tarragona
Classical music in Catalonia - Barcelona | Girona | Lleida | Tarragona
Huapango | José Pablo Moncayo
Orchestre de Paris
Alondra de la Parra, conductor

José Pablo Moncayo (1912 – 1958) was a Mexican pianist, percussionist, music teacher, composer and conductor. He produced some of the masterworks that best symbolize the essence of the national aspirations and contradictions of Mexico in the 20th century. Moncayo's best-known work continues to be his colorful orchestral fantasy Huapango, but his production also includes many other pieces of high quality, notwithstanding their lesser fame. Among these are works like Amatzinac for flute and string quartet, Symphony, Sinfonietta, Homenaje a Cervantes, the opera La Mulata de Córdoba, Tierra de Temporal, Muros Verdes for piano solo, Bosques and the ballet Tierra. (Wikipedia)


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